Details malta 2015
  • Malta 2015
  • ISSUE DATE : 15-03-2015
  • DESIGNER : Noel Galea Bason
  • DIAMETER : 25,75mm
  • WEIGHT : 8,5 grams
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First flight from Malta

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03-08-2015 the 09:26

The coin commemorates an important milestone in Maltese aviation history — the 100 years since the first flight from Malta.

It was on 13 February 1915 that Captain Kilmer took off from the Grand Harbour on a seaplane that was carried by HMS Ark Royal.

The plane landed in the harbour after a 55-minute flight.
The coin depicts Captain Kilmer’s seaplane with Senglea Point, a prominent feature in the Grand Harbour, in the background.
At the top the inscription ‘FIRST FLIGHT FROM MALTA’ in semi-circle.

At the right the years ‘1915-2015’.
At the bottom left the inscription ‘100TH ANNIVERSARY’ and at the bottom the initials of the designer ‘NGB’ (Noel Galea Bason).

Issued coins

2015: 300.000