Details portugal 2012
  • Portugal 2012
  • ISSUE DATE : 22-06-2012
  • DESIGNER : José de Guimarães
  • DIAMETER : 25,75mm
  • WEIGHT : 8,5 grams
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The European Capital of Culture 2012

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24-11-2014 the 14:23

The coins depicts three of Guimarães most relevant symbols: King Afonso Henriques and his sword and a part of the city castle.

On the left, the Portuguese Coat of Arms and the indication of the issuing country: Portugal. On the bottom right is the Guimarães 2012 event logo and the artist name: José de Guimarães.

The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

Issued coins

2012: 520.000