Details vatican 2004
  • Vatican 2004
  • ISSUE DATE : 16-12-2004
  • DESIGNER : Guido Veroi
  • DIAMETER : 25,75mm
  • WEIGHT : 8,5 grams
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75th Anniversary of the Founding of the Vatican City State

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25-11-2014 the 12:40

The inner part shows a schematic representation of the perimeter walls of the Vatican City with St Peter's Basilica in the foreground.

The inscriptions ‘75o ANNO DELLO STATO’ and ‘1929-2004’ appear around the left- and upper right-hand edges of the inner part.

To the bottom left, in smaller letters, is the name of the author ‘VEROI’ and the initials of the engraver ‘L.D.S. INC.’.

The twelve stars of the European Union and the inscription ‘CITTA' DEL VATICANO’ are positioned around the outer circle.

Issued coins

2004: 85.000